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Centerfire Rifle Match Results Mar 2018

Left to Right:

  • 200 yards Open Class score (50) and 100 yard Sporter class Plaque winner-score (48) Jamie Compton
  • Semi Auto cash class 100 yard Mason Whitaker score (49) with an AR 15 great shooting Mason
  • Sydney Combs (Missing his wife) 🤪
  • Mike Snedegar 100 yard Factory Heavy Barrel score (48) 100 yard semi auto plaque class score (47)
  • Luke Pierce youngest shooter today shot very competitive great shooting
  • Sarah Pierce winner of 100 yard sporter cash class yep she beat her Dad!!!  Great shooting Sarah
  • Jim Pierce Senior Shooter

Thanks to PAUL Baxter for scoring the targets.

Have a great day may God Bless,
James Compton


Centerfire Rifle Match 3/17/18

Centerfire rifle match Sat March 17 at 10 am. Open to the public.

Classes of competition

Factory sporter Barrel class
(Sporter) This is the smaller diameter barrel used in most hunting rifles.
New this year — In this class you will be using a bipod or a sand bag for the front rest. A rear bag is also allowed. Shoot for score at 100 yards. No limit on optics

Factory heavy target barrel class.
In this class you can use a tripod benchrest type front test. And rear bag. These are shot at 100 or 200 yards for score. No limit on optics

Ar 15 / semi auto class
Bipod or front sand bag only in front. Rear of rifle can rest on a bag. Shot at 100 yards for score. No limit on optics.

Open class / Unlimited / Custom class

This class consist of any rifle that is not a factory assembled rifle from a mass produced assembly line.
A rifle that has been modified by adding an after market part. Example barrel, stock etc. . Remington 40 x is a custom built rifle. In Remington’s custom shop.

Cost is $10 per match.
First round of completion is for a very nice Lazer engraved Plaque. Second round of competition will be for 50% of winning in each match. Example 10 shooter x $10= $100 50% will go to winner. This is in each class.

These are fun family oriented matches. We have young and old shooters along with Wives and daughters. Please come out and enjoy a day at our rifle range with your family. Drinks and snacks will be available.

Contact by phone ,Message or by e mail.
859-585-2252 ask for Jamie


Steel Action Shoot on March 3rd

We will have our monthly Steel Action Shoot on March 3rd at 1:00 PM at our club. Weather looks good.
Remember that you must be present at SAFETY BRIEFING (1:00 PM SHARP) to be eligible to shoot the match.
RANGE CLOSES AT 12:00 NOON to allow setup.
Bring at least 150 rounds of ammo.
Usually finished in 3 hrs.
Open to members and buddy with a member.

Note to new members: must have eye and ear protection on range and EMPTY weapon is in a case, pistol pouch or gun rug and is never presented until safety officer in your squad gives you range command to load and make ready.

These are fun matches for our members and their buddy’s.

Try to be at range by 12:30 to assist with setup and to sign in so we may begin promptly.

Mike Shields
Match Director