Our rifle range consists of a covered shelter with 6 benches and targets at 25, 50, 100, and 200 yards.  We conduct centerfire rifle matches at 100 and 200 yards as well as rimfire matches at 50 yards. All rifle matches are open to the public.


Rimfire Match Sat, Sept 15th

Sept 15 at 10 am we will be having a RIMFIRE Sucker Match. Shots will be at 50 Yards for Factory rifles,100 Yards for Custom guns. 5 blow pop suckers and 5 dum dum suckers. Blow pop is worth 1 point dum dum are worth 2 points. Shooter with most points wins. $10 a match winner gets 50% club gets 50%. It’s a fun match for all.


Changes to Rimfire Matches


Please make note of the following changes to the upcoming Rimfire matches.

August 18th IR 50/50 Rimfire match has been changed to a regular club Rimfire match.

September 15th IR 50/50 Rimfire match has been changed to a regular club Rimfire match.

October 27th IR 50/50 Rimfire match has been changed to a regular club Rimfire match.



Bluegrass State Games

Sarah here from the Bluegrass Sports Commission. I would like to invite the Montgomery County Fish and Game Club and its members to participate in the shooting matches that we are hosting on July 15th for smallbore rifle, July 22th for high power rifle, national match course, and sharpshooting at the Anderson County Sportsmen’s Club. Pistol divisions will be held on July 28th at the Boyle County Fish and Game Club.

As the event is coming up quickly, we urge you to contact your shooters who would be interested in competing. Feel free to email me back for further information or any questions you may have.

You can also feel free to contact George Mountjoy, the head of the event for Smallbore and High Power at (859) 314-7735; or Billy Henson, head of Pistol events, at (859) 583-8600 or visit bgsg.org for more information and registration!

Warm Regards,
Sarah Angelucci


Rifle Match Centerfire Sucker Shoot June 16th

Please see below, the pistol range will remain open during this event.

We would like to invite all members and non-members to our Annual Centerfire Sucker Shoot Saturday June 16th at 10:00 AM. There will be a class for Factory Sporters, Factory Heavy Barrels, Semi-Autos and Open. Open Class will be shot at 200 yards and everything else at 100 yards. Factory Sporters must be fired off of a bipod or sandbags, all other classes may use any style 2-piece rest. Each class will attempt to hit 5-Blow Pops and then 5-Dum Dums. There will be a 5 minute sighter period before shooting at the suckers. Blow Pops will count as 1 point and Dum Dums will count as 2. Highest score in each class will win a Beautiful Handmade Wooden Plaque.

Have a great day may God Bless,  James Compton


Rimfire Match Results

We had a great turnout for our Rimfire Match today! Great shooting and sportsmanship was displayed. Winners were as follows- Factory Sporter Class-Sydney Combs, Factory Bull Barrel Class-Sydney Combs, Semi-Auto Class-Michael Snedegar, Magnum Class-Jim Pierce and Open Class-Michael Snedegar.


Centerfire Rifle Match Results Mar 2018

Left to Right:

  • 200 yards Open Class score (50) and 100 yard Sporter class Plaque winner-score (48) Jamie Compton
  • Semi Auto cash class 100 yard Mason Whitaker score (49) with an AR 15 great shooting Mason
  • Sydney Combs (Missing his wife) 🤪
  • Mike Snedegar 100 yard Factory Heavy Barrel score (48) 100 yard semi auto plaque class score (47)
  • Luke Pierce youngest shooter today shot very competitive great shooting
  • Sarah Pierce winner of 100 yard sporter cash class yep she beat her Dad!!!  Great shooting Sarah
  • Jim Pierce Senior Shooter

Thanks to PAUL Baxter for scoring the targets.

Have a great day may God Bless,
James Compton


Centerfire Rifle Match 3/17/18

Centerfire rifle match Sat March 17 at 10 am. Open to the public.

Classes of competition

Factory sporter Barrel class
(Sporter) This is the smaller diameter barrel used in most hunting rifles.
New this year — In this class you will be using a bipod or a sand bag for the front rest. A rear bag is also allowed. Shoot for score at 100 yards. No limit on optics

Factory heavy target barrel class.
In this class you can use a tripod benchrest type front test. And rear bag. These are shot at 100 or 200 yards for score. No limit on optics

Ar 15 / semi auto class
Bipod or front sand bag only in front. Rear of rifle can rest on a bag. Shot at 100 yards for score. No limit on optics.

Open class / Unlimited / Custom class

This class consist of any rifle that is not a factory assembled rifle from a mass produced assembly line.
A rifle that has been modified by adding an after market part. Example barrel, stock etc. . Remington 40 x is a custom built rifle. In Remington’s custom shop.

Cost is $10 per match.
First round of completion is for a very nice Lazer engraved Plaque. Second round of competition will be for 50% of winning in each match. Example 10 shooter x $10= $100 50% will go to winner. This is in each class.

These are fun family oriented matches. We have young and old shooters along with Wives and daughters. Please come out and enjoy a day at our rifle range with your family. Drinks and snacks will be available.

Contact by phone ,Message or by e mail.

859-585-2252 ask for Jamie